Maximizing Exposure For Our Clients

We stake our reputation on our honest and upfront approach.  We don’t just say what we think a potential client may want to hear.  The internet is our platform that has taken our business to another level.  We develop a personal custom webpage for each of our listings which is linked through our team website and promoted through our personal databases, social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube) and all of the major search engines. We take this a step further and feature our listings on Zillow, Trulia, HomeFinder, ect, to ensure your home touches every prospect possible. This has allowed us maximize exposure to reach a vast amount of people efficiently.  It is also effective in allowing us to capture and monitor the web traffic for each listing. 

We consistently win the business of clients because of our strong internet marketing exposure.  Just recently we were competing for business from a potential client who had a close friend who was a Realtor with 25 years of experience. The client chose to go with The Bailey Team because they believed we could best market their property through maximum exposure.  We proved them right.  Through The Bailey Team's marketing, we had leads from all over the country interested in buying the property.  We ended up selling their house quickly and for full price.

Just another reason that sets us apart!