Gayle Bailey II: Why Real Estate?

Gayle T Bailey II, Gayle Bailey

My path to becoming an agent began in elementary school.  While other kids were drawing animals and people, I was drawing townhouses and mansions.  Both of my parents were in the real estate business and throughout my life I saw that this career would take hard work, dedication and tenacity. 

After graduating from high school my parents wanted me to start working with them at The Bailey Team.  I made the decision to go to college to further my education.  I even entertained and researched the possibility of other careers.  When it came down to it, I wanted a job where I could do three things: work with people, determine my own success, and make a difference.  I circled back to my childhood dream job and studied for and took the tests for my real estate license.  When I passed the tests and graduated from college, I hit the ground running.  I was able to determine my own success in a job I love.  I haven’t looked back since!