Development Services 

As current and historical commercial property developers, we can play many roles in the development process. 

Land Procurement/Site Selection 
The return of the invested dollar in commercial real estate is always greatest on raw land. Acquiring the right piece of ground for the proposed improvement is, in itself, an art form. Although location has always been the cornerstone concept of real estate, an often forgotten building block is timing. Depending on the nature of a business, the right location for tomorrow could be a better location than it is today. But how do we get from today to tomorrow? There are a number of ways a property can be procured today for tomorrow’s highest and best use. 

We work by first identifying and clarifying our clients’ long-term business goals, whether investment or user-oriented. This includes not only in-depth knowledge of current business operations, growth potential and historical patterns, but the current, future and, often overlooked, extraneous financial capacity. We work in conjunction with your attorneys, financial planners and accountants to put together the right deal. The key to proper land development is having the end usage occur quickly or to provide sound business methods to defray or subordinate holding time and cost. 

Development and Construction Management Services 
We can function as development managers and construction consultants. We do not build the improvements, but offer management services throughout the process. Many times the actual builder is on a fixed fee basis: it doesn’t matter what the cost is, the builder is still going to earn a certain fee. Generally associated with AIA construction contracts, the silver lining in the cloud falls under general conditions and change orders. This can range from five to seven figured dollars. Also, it can be very profitable from an owner’s perspective to have the interior improvements (owner or tenant) done concurrently with the base building construction. 

Concurrent with contracting for the land we will work with you to assimilate all of the necessary engineering data, architectural design and municipality approvals. This includes the bidding out of all services and comparing said offerings for the best overall package. More often than not in commercial development, the lowest priced offering may well not be the cheapest in the long run if the package is not comprehensive and the agreements tightly drawn. 

Build-To-Suit with Leaseback 
Many times a business wants a particular property in a particular location, but may not be able to use or retrofit an existing improved property. Or a business may require a particular build-out customized for the inherent use of the user. Sometimes these uses may be significantly out of place with the normal commercial market. Said a different way, the property would be so specialized it might be hard to sell when it was time. Or a business may not want to expend the large dollars required to buy the land and complete the improvements. No commercial transaction will throw more curves than development. We can package the entire project together as one owner and create a long-term leaseback to the end user. Generally this scenario requires significant successful financial history on the part of the end user or lessee as well as a long-term lease in place before development is started.